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    Data dropping from tickets when changing the request type.  WHD v 12.3.1


      I am not sure if this is fixed in the updated version, but I will be updating the test environment with this change.  Until I can bring my test into production, I have this problem.


      We create a ticket using the the following request type:

           User Access - New User Setup - No Assignment


      Now I find that this is not a new user but an existing user, so I change the request type to

           user Access - Existing User Setup - Applicatons - No Assignment


      User access is the master template for all request types under it.

      so, new user and existing user setup has the same information stamped from the master with the exception of maybe 5 fields that are not applicable to the Applications request types.  However, the moment I choose Existing user setup, all the fields I have from the New user setup is erased.  But the fields that are used are still there?


      Is this something with ver 12.3.1?  help me.  my security team is looking at me with a rope in their hand.