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    Installing DPA



      i have one question. I have installed this plugin on a different server where I have installed Orion?, what's going on if i installed on the same server Orion and DPA?

      i have a Orion v 2015.1.2 - NPM 11.5.2 - SAM 6.2.1 & DPA 10.0.0


      Buenas tardes a todos

      No tengo un buen ingles, quería preguntar, Debo tener instalado este plugin (DPA) en otro servidor diferente de donde tengo mi Orion? Que sucede si tengo DPA instalado en el mismo servidor de Orion?

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          If you are on the latest versions of both Orion and DPA, no worries - they *can* run on the same host. Just keep in mind resource contention.

          DPA and Orion can also absolutely reside on separate hosts, not problem. Either way, the communication between the two will remain the same.