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    FTP Voyager


      Hi guys,


      We are using FTP voyager for our ftp services and I am very new to this client.

      I am planning to migrate our ftp sites to new AWS environment and when I tried to connect using Site Profiles Manager for an SFTP client, I am getting an error like this


      The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.


      Would you please help me to find a solution for it?


      This is the log file info


      STATUS>Negotiating SSH2 session with server...
      STATUS>Client Identification: SSH-2.0-FTP Voyager_16.2.0.328
      ERROR>The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.
      ERROR>Could not establish a connection to JTB.




        • Re: FTP Voyager

          One more thing we are trying to run the FTP Voyager on the back of squid as proxy.

          Not sure if anyone successfully implemented this scenario using squid for ftp,sftp etc?