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    Can't query multiple choice check box fields in action rules when multiples chosen


      Does anyone know if there will be a hotfix released for this issue?  In release 12.4.2.  if you have a checkbox field when the user chooses multiple choices it breaks the Action rule, since the Action rule setting for that fields only looks for value equal to one choice.  If you have multiple choices it saves it as multiple values separated by a semicolon. 


      For example if you have 4 checkboxes and you choose "choice1" and "choice3", it saves the value in the database as "choice1;choice3".  The action rule only has the option to look for where the field value is or EQUALS "choice1" or is "choice2".  Because of this it will work if you've only selected one choice such as "choice3" since the database will only have "choice3" saved, however if two or more are saved then what the action rule should be looking for is, does the field CONTAIN, not does the field EQUAL.  This has really messed up some of my action rules.  Is there any chance of getting a hot fix for this issue please?????