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    Tips for THWACK Contests and Missions!!


      Hiya Thwackers,


      If you're wanting to get some sweet THWACK Lüt and goodies then you're going to need some points and what better way than to do the Contests and Missions, as they usually give you points for getting answers correct or sometimes just for participating.

      I've found that if you're someone who does the weekly competitions, where you have to get 5 correct answers each week to get points and be entered into a giveaway, this is one of the best ways to get points and prizes because even if you get a question wrong and are not entered into the giveaway you can still answer any remaining questions to get points so you can spend them at the THWACK Store. Awesome!!


      The industry my company is in is educating children, we're a primary school and our IT shop or IT area consists of me and my boss so it's quite a small one. However we have a lot of IT equipment here for the children, teachers and staff to use or borrow which consists of about 251-2000 elements or items so its medium in that sense. The Solar winds product I'm reviewing is the THWACK Community website which has allowed us to contact people from anywhere and everywhere to ask to help with our problems and help them in return. There has been a few problems at the school where we wasn't quite sure what was happening with some faulty laptops and printer but the THWACK Community helped us out and we now have everything back and working again. We've always loved Solar winds and would probably never change to be honest because this is easy to use and we have used it for so long now I don't think anything could top it, apart from a "Solarwinds 2" lol. We are Massively benefiting from using solar winds because we often run into problems at the school and after we've tried everything we ask the Solar winds Community on what they think and they haven't let u down yet!


      Does anyone else have any tips for THWACK Contests and Missions?

      Could be how you answer the questions, best way of getting points, or it could just be what you want to save up for in the THWACK Store?

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          Maybe everyone could get Thawk points just for participating and additional ones if you get the correct answer. That would be nice too.

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            Richard Phillips

            Personally I think the Thwack team has done an excellent job with the contests. I've missed a question here and there, but overall the real "strategy" is just to read the question carefully and don't just click the answer that you think it is. The most common errors come from "oh yeah, that's it, click" without reading carefully and understanding that the question is asking which one is not it - and you just clicked the one you knew was it - Doh! Or clicking the "answer" when the question asked for all of the correct answers. Just reading carefully and use the hints it;s OK they are there to help.

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                I completely agree Richard and I also love THWACK and their contests, it really is fun doing them. (And they have some pretty cool prizes not like other places with cheap pound shop prizes)

                Also you're right with that tip and I wish I knew that earlier on because I used to just go for one's that I thought were right, whereas now I read it properly and get them right 99% of the time!!