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    NPM causes INPUT_QFULL_ERR once a day



      We are encountering following problem once a day.

      We have a Cisco 6500 Core Switch running and 87 Cisco workgroup switches.

      After a fresh Installation of Solarwinds NPM 12 we receive over 2500 trap messages with following text from our core switch:


      sysUpTime = 341 days 0 hours 39 minutes 20,24 seconds

      snmpTrapOID = CISCO-SYSLOG-MIB:clogMessageGenerated

      clogHistFacility.439231 = SNMP

      clogHistSeverity.439231 = 4

      clogHistMsgName.439231 = INPUT_QFULL_ERR

      clogHistMsgText.439231 = Packet dropped due to input queue full

      clogHistTimestamp.439231 = 2946476024


      The messages appear every 24 hours and 15 minutes.

      I wonder why the messages arrive once a day, not after each polling routine.


      We changed SNMP to V1 to avoid bulk requests, but no success.


      There are no other Solarwinds products installed, so NPM definetely causes the trap messages.

      Is there a job or polling routine that runs once a day against the core switch in the mentioned rythm??

      I checked the logfiles, but i cannot find a hint what´s going on.

      Maybe you can help me finding the problem...


      Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!