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    VMAN Update URL Repository


      I can't imagine why no one else has asked this question before, but how in the world do you get the Update Repository "Use Specified Repository" feature to work in the VMAN Admin console??  I tried just putting in a simple UNC path and it says you have to have a HTTP URL.  So I looked up how to create a Virtual Directory in IIS to allow directory browsing via http and I successfully got the directory served via HTTP.  Unfortunately I'm now getting an error from the VMAN console saying that the requested URL returned error: 404 because the manifest-latest.xml file was missing from the manifest directory (which I hadn't created because no instruction on setting up virtual directories in IIS mentioned a manifest directory being needed).


      To my further dismay there are not only no instructions for this feature in the Admin guide, there is absolutely zero mention in the admin guide about this nor is there a Thwack post or support article talking about it.  Even just something in the Admin guide saying this feature isn't currently supported or something like that would be appreciated.  Although if it isn't supported it kind of seems silly to have it.  Just remove it if that's the case.


      But, if it is supported can somebody please post some danged instructions?  I'm quite frustrated since our VMWare admins are being really tight with permissions and really slow to mount the ISO themselves.  Like us being able to mount an ISO on our own VM's would really be some kind of security risk or something...  It's quite silly.  I was hoping though that this URL Repository feature would allow me to work around them but the lack of documentation has dissolved that hope.


      Here is the feature I'm talking about in case it's unclear:


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          I posted this on the weekend while frustratingly attempting an upgrade, so here is a Monday bump.



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            Hello xtraspecialj,

            while this method of upgrading the appliance was used on Alert Central, it was actually never supported on Virtualization Manager, or if it was, it was in a distant past. This upgrade mechanism is a feature of VMware Studio. The way its' supposed to work is that the appliance vendor sets up an online repository and keeps it up to date - I think it was never meant to be created by the end user. There is a way to make it work though:

            1. Unpack the standard upgrade .iso image using 7zip or a similar application which can work with this format

            2. Put the unpacked 'update' directory onto a server under your control. To try this out, I used a powerful Python command to start a simple file server in the directory: 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000'

            3. Set the Repository URL to http://[server_ip]:8000 and save the settings


            Please note that this is not an officially supported method of upgrading your Virtualization Manager, so you should make sure you have a snapshot or backup of the VM before upgrading.




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                Awesome!  Thanks Jan.  This is what I was looking for.  I honestly forgot that you can unzip ISO's, but even had I remembered that I doubt I would have thought to do that in this instance.  I will definitely try this out next upgrade (after we take a snapshot of course) since it doesn't look like our VM team want to give us the right to mount ISO's to our own danged VM's.  That doesn't sound like security to me.  That sounds like control .