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    Need to add an HTML tag to a report please


      Hello SQL gurus! I would dearly love to be able to add an HTML tag that is dynamic based on the range of values for average availability.


      My report shows the 24 hr and this month average availability for a Group, and I would like to add a column named "Status Tier", or something similar that will show up as a color coded word, Green, Yellow, or Red based on the range that the availability value falls in. In other words, if the calculated value for the availability falls between 99.995 and 100%, I need for that column to show the word GREEN (or some other word or character I choose) in a green color and so forth. I know how to format the HTML tag, but I do not know how to format the SQL query to tie the HTML tag to the availability value.


      Would anyone be willing to show me how to do that? Thanks in advance so much!