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    EventInfo     Unmatched FortiGate 5.0 Data ($Revision: #147 $)

    Denise Kuckkan

      I'm seeing this event every few seconds. I'd like to make it stop.


      EventInfo Unmatched FortiGate 5.0 Data ($Revision: #147 $)


      ExtraneousInfo 1476468181000 date=2016-10-14 time=13:03:01 devname=XXXXX devid=FG100D3xxxxx logid=0000000011 type=traffic subtype=forward level=warning vd=root srcip= srcname="XXXXXX" srcport=50991 srcintf="port1" dstip= dstport=8002 dstintf="port3" poluuid=0b5cb498-e2eb-51e4-ccc9-960cxxxxxxx sessionid=11100334 action=ip-conn policyid=9 crscore=10 craction=262144 crlevel=medium


      Fortigate v5.2.2,build642, recently updated LEM to 6.3.1.  Source IPs are from domain controllers.