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    Create report listing Node names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and Custom Property field??


      Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to SolarWinds and this is my first time trying to produce a report for someone in our organization. Our lead SolarWinds admin isn't here forthe rest of the week and I have VERY little experience with Solarwinds so far, and I'm having a terrible time trying to find out how to generate this report successfully. I need to have the following fields for each node: Node name, IP address, MAC address, and a custom property field ("City" [physical location of node]) that we're using. I've tried poking around through our reports section, tried creating reports with these fields, and I just can't seem to generate the details I need. I haven't had any luck searching Thwack nor Google for finding answers to this, so if someone wouldn't mind providing a little guidance I sure would appreciate it a bunch! Sorry for the ignorance here