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    How do you link tickets?


      I have seen several other posts with this same question but still have not found the answer so I am asking the question again?  If there is a post with the answer please feel free to point me to it, thanks!

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          When looking at a ticket on the right-hand side of the screen there is a small bar with the word "Problems" on it.  If you click on that it opens up a side panel that allows you to search for tickets.  From here you can search for the ticket you want to link to an a "link" button will appear.  Click on that link button and then save the ticket and it will be linked.


          The important thing to note about this is that the ticket you link to becomes the parent ticket and the ticket you are linking from is the child.  YOu can link multiple child tickets to a single parent ticket.

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            There are some key things you need to remember when linking tickets.  It goes like this:


            Request to Request

            Incident to a Problem

            Problem to a Problem


            Hope that helps

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