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    Trap viewer - wrong hostname (NOT IP address)


      I've searched, but all I've found so far are old threads regarding the Hostname field showing IP addresses.  That's not our issue.


      What we're seeing is that the trap viewer is showing the hostname for a completely different node.  So far, this is only happening for one device that we know of.



      • HostA is at
      • HostZ is at
      • Trap viewer shows traps from with Hostname HostZ instead of HostA
      • Trap viewer shows traps from with Hostname HostZ, as expected



      • DNS.  It's fine.
      • DNS cache on NPM server (ipconfig /displaydns). is associated with HostA as it should be, while neither HostZ nor show up at all.
      • Hosts file on NPM server.  This particular host (HostA) is actually in there, with the correct name/IP  (     HostA), while HostZ is not in there.
      • NPM 12.0.1 release notes don't say anything about this
      • Hotfixes for 12.0 (if there were any) aren't showing up for me, so no idea if there was a fix there.



      • NPM 12.0
      • HostA is on the same subnet as NPM server
      • HostZ is a few hops away


      Anyone have any idea what to look for, here?