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    Dameware MRC, making a new password stick for all sessions?


      I read the docs, but couldn't find an answer to this that worked.


      We've been using MRC for probably 15 years.  Just the base product, no server, and I'm on the current version. 


      The problem I'm having is that I remotely connect using a domain admin username & password.  I did View >> Default Host Properties >> Authentication and put in the necessary info.  This works, I THINK for new sessions, but not Saved Hosts (or vice-versa). However, the other type of connection has my old password in it, and every time I want to connect, it fails until I fix my password (every time, not just the first time I connect to the same host).

      The docs say to go to (in the Remote Connect window) View >> Settings and change it there as well, but I don't see that option.


      What is the correct procedure so I never have to re-type my password?


      And a possibly related thing...is there some way to NEVER have Saved Hosts?  I don't want them...I never use them.


      I opened a ticket 2.5 hours ago but haven't heard anything back. I'm hoping you all are faster than them!