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    Patch Approval


      I am running Patch manager Version and SCCM 2012R2. I approved Mozilla Firefox v 48.0.2 and at the same time approved Java 8 v 101, Firefox was deployed to all the PCs but Java was not.The only difference between the two is that Firefox is set to download the software from the internet and Java is set to download the software from a local UNC path. I manually had to push the java update to a collection to make it work. Any ideas on what i am missing to make this deploy off of a patch manager approval.

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          I dont use SCCM but both of those once they are published should be stored as packages that WSUS will deploy so the location shouldnt matter.  What does the windowsupdate.log show?

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            To be clear:  you're (typically) using SCCM with a Software Update Point (SUP) to deploy Windows updates to your SCCM Client machines?     And now you have Patch Manager and are publishing some updates into the SUP...but rather than use the native SCCM mechanism to deploy the updates (like you would for Windows updates), you are attempting to Approve them from the Patch Manager console?


            If so, that won't likely work.  SCCM doesn't know or care about Approvals that are done on the WSUS/SUP server.


            Assuming you have SCCM with a SUP, after you use Patch Manager's functionality to publish a 3rd party update you'll need to be in the SCCM console and go to All Software Updates and run a Software Synchronization (or just wait for it to eventually happen on its normal schedule).   After that, it should show up in the All Software Updates view in the SCCM Console.  At that point you can add it to an existing SCCM deployment package or build a new deployment package for it in SCCM to get it out to the target machines.


            If you have published something and run the software sync in SCCM and it is still not showing in SCCM under All Software Updates, you may need to go (in the SCCM console) into

                 Administration -> Site Configuration -> Sites -> [right-click your site name] -> Configure Site Components -> Software Update Point -> Products tab

            and make sure that there is a check next to the application that you had published.   If that box is not checked, check it and then go back to All Software Updates and do another sync.   Once that finishes the update should be under All Software updates when you refresh it.

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                I have covered the steps you have outlined above, its after this that my issue presents itself. I would like my third party updates to go out with windows updates.I assumed(could be very wrong), that after publishing my third party updates to WSUS having approved them for install i would NOT have to manually deploy the updates to a collection.