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    Errors on nightly config backup notification


      Hi all,


      Here is my situation:


      I have a job running for nightly config backups from my various switches. 


      I back up one of two different combinations:

      - Running config and Startup config


      - Running config and Saved config


      In the device templates used, I select what I wish to backup: running and startup or running and saved.


      In the node configs page, I see under Node Details, Supported Config Types, the 2 listed.


      When the job runs, I select all 3 configs (running, startup, and saved), wanting it to backup all 3 types of configs, and only those config types supported by each device's template should be attempted on those devices.


      Not the case.


      For every device, I see 3 ssh connects and 3 ssh disconnects, meaning it's trying to download all 3 config types for every device.


      I have 1196 devices being backed up nightly, and 1204 errors.


      Is this a bug?


      I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong.