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    DHCP dynamic IP and workstations


      How does the LEM deal with DHCP/dynamic IP addresses? If computer A gets a new IP, is the agent IP address updated? We are seeing workstations that lose assigned profile after receiving a new IP address.

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          As LEM uses an agent, there is a security chain that gets established between the agent and the server. As long as this security is not broken, it should not matter what the given IP address is of a workstation (We run agents on laptops and desktops no problem).


          You will note in the articles, that if an agent is no longer communication to clear the ContegoSPOP directory (In Windows\System32 or Syswow64 on 64 bit), this is because there is a keyfile here that is used to hash the secure communication with the LEM.


          Also this agent is a push agent, the LEM does not make requests but the agent pushes data up, if security is broken the agent continues to collect information until communication with the LEM is reestablished.


          So the LEM does not directly deal with Dynamic IP's, it just gathers the information the agent pushes up. So as long as communication and security chain remain intact, the only thing you would see is the Source IP changing.

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