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    RHEL4 add to Solarwinds monitoring


      Hi I have RHEL4 Server I want to add this to our NMS Solarwinds NPM. I am editing snmpd.conf file but unable to validate from my NMS NPM 10.4 please guide me what should I write in snmpd.comf file

      I am using v2c and community string forexample



      Please guide me in this




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          Here is what we did for our Linux servers.  The below is assuming you have a default SNMP config.  This is unrestrictive in the sense that it give access to a lot of data (everything under the .1 OID).  That is why it's important to change the string name to something more secure.


               1. Comment out the v1 SNMP line to restrict it to v2c only.

          #group  notConfigGroup v1 notConfigUser

               2. Change the public string to something else so it’s not default.

               3. Comment out the two lines of what can be viewed.

                        view   systemview    included   .

                        view   systemview    included   .

               4. Add the following in the 3rd section

                    view     all    included  .1     80

               5. In the following line, change systemview to all.

                    access notConfigGroup ""     any       noauth    exact systemview none none