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    Banner word "Username" preventing NCM connecting to devices




      I have recently started working for a large retail company who have given me the task of configuring Orion to manage all of their Cisco devices. I have hit a problem that is causing a major headache. Each switch has an authentication banner configured which contains the following words:


      Please Enter you Username and Password:

      (Yes I know there is a typo but it was done by a predecessor)


      I have configured NCM to use a set of credentials to connect to each device via SSH for backing up configs etc but NCM will not connect to devices with this banner. This does seem to be a well known issue as you can see in this thread from 2009 Device login issues but my issue is I have 4000 switches with this banner and no way of doing a bulk change on them apart from through Solarwinds that will not connect to them via ssh!


      Is there a way around this so NCM ignores the banner or is there a way of changing the banner on all my switches via snmp (I do have a RW snmp string configured) in NCM?