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    NCM Policy Report -- Graphical Output (Print/File/etc)


      This seems incredibly obvious, but I cannot find a reasonable way to do it:


      Policy Report looks beautiful on the screen. Lots of little "i"s in circles to show Information items. Great!

      However: I need some way to record this output, and hopefully show it to someone else.

      "Export to PDF" --- this is a bad link/function; it actually does a Screen Capture, completely ignoring the actual contents of the Report.

      "Export --> CSV" --- well, the data is there, but putting in full strings instead of the little "i"s makes it unreadable; and there is a major parsing error that sometimes creates three rows instead of one.

      "Export --> XLS" --- pretty much the same thing, only there is no parsing error.


      Yes; I could take the XLS and write code to manipulate it where I want it; but that's a bother and would probably break every time anyone touched anything.

      Surely I am not the only one who needs a nice, pretty, printed color report to show to management that things are good/bad/on fire?