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    how to get ticket ids for alerts along with severites using SQL queries from SSMS?


      I am working on some analytical reports to fetch information about the Alerts that are ticketed in the Solarwinds Help Desk using SQL Server Management Studio.


      However, I noticed that we don't get the severity for Orion alerts ticketed in the database form the SQL Server Management Studio, this is with regards to the kob_ticket table which displays Job_ticket_id for the Orion alerts ticketed in the system with Status as Low/Medium/High . Whereas for the other database “SolarWindsOrion”, we get information like AlertId, Entity type(Warn/Critical), AlertObjectID, AlertNote this contains information about the severity but just shows the AlertID associated with it. The same can be extracted from the Solarwinds Website using their GUI.

      I  need to fetch Job_ticket_id for the Orion Alerts along with their severities.  These are two different databases and the metric requires information about the “Alarms that are ticketed and have severities Warning and Critical”


      It would be great if you could share some information on how to fetch this data from the database or if you have any SQL queries that can help me map the right tables as my two main goals are to get Job_Ticket_ID for Orion Alerts with their Severity(Warning/Critical).