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    What Alerts Could Trigger on Node X?

    Andrew LaGrone

      Does anyone have a good method for determining all possible alerts a specified node could trigger? I have about 300 alerts, and I need to spot check certain nodes to see what alerts could be triggered.


      For example, lets say I provide N:1234, I would want to see a list of alerts that particular node might trigger, including child elements (V, I, AM, AA, UnDPs, ...).


      Has anyone written a report or tool that could do this for me?

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          On the Node details page click customize page on the far upper right and add the resource all alerts this object can trigger.

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              Andrew LaGrone

              This is helpful, but not exactly what I'm looking for. What I'd really like is the underlying SWQL or SQL.

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                  I'm trying to do the same thing.  Did you ever find the SQL/SWQL that runs the "Alerts this Object Can Trigger" resource?


                  I feel like I'd seen it before either in one of the asp files in the InetPub folder of the website or in a log file, but I've tried turning logging up and dug through the files but I couldn't find a query anywhere.  I need to create a report for a certain subset of nodes and all of the alerts they could trigger on, but until I find/create this query I won't be able to.

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                  John Handberg

                  That list hasn't been reliable for us.  This may be because of how we set up alerts for different agencies/departments where the node selection is by whether or not it has "this" custom property and belongs to "that" support group.  Then those alerts don't show up on the node page, even though they will trigger if that node has that alert condition.  Maybe it is the combination of custom property requirements causing this, I don't know.  I see some alert listed, but not all of them, and some particular is missing from all the nodes in the trigger list.  I have seen the missing ones trigger though.

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