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    Reports on Demand by Email Request


      I appologize if I missed this in my searching. I have a job setup to email out a screen shot of our main NPM home screen. Is there anyway to have this trigger off an email request to the server? What I was hoping was someone could on their good app on net request this report to run at any given time to get a network status update.




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          Hi Alex,

          I am not aware of any type of email trigger app you could use to do this. Would providing a URL to a report that displays the page work? If they have access to the web front end you could limit their accounts so they only see the Report. Share a little more detail about what it is you are trying to accomplish and some of the users here may be able to propose a different method. Do you have people who want to be able to see the screen shot / report view while they don't necessarily have access to the server web page? Maybe set up an hourly job to send the screen out every hour?