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    Auditing And Change Tracking


      Hi All,


      This is likely ignorance on my part so I apologize if the question seems basic and rudimentary. But what is the most effective way of tracking changes within your virtual environment? I am aware that you can use TimeTravel to go back in time and compare system configuration. But this is only helps if you know/identify a change has been made. I would like a report or automated alerts that tell me that someone has added more disk space to a VM, changed memory settings, added a cpu, changed resource allocation, etc. I do not see where or how to enable this functionality. I would also want to know WHO made the change, and on what day and at what time. Right now this information seems hidden and I do not see the option to set alerts to generate this type of information in real-time or on a daily basis via report.


      Most all products I have used (vRealize, Foglight for Virtualization, and VeeamOne) have this functionality readily and easily accessible out of the box.


      Your guidance is appreciated.