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    Inventory Tasks Constantly Fail


      I'm having an issue where inventory tasks on several of our WSUS servers fail with a error "The operation has timed out" and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this?  The inventory tasks themselves are easy to setup and the scans are running from automation servers that are located as close as possible.  I believe the result of these failures is hindering my ability to report on assets managed by these WSUS servers.  If anyone has any advise, it would be greatly appreciated!

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          have you ever had them succeed?  Have there been any alerts on your firewalls?  Its pretty common im my experiance for sonicwalls (and im sure others) to spam syn flood alerts from patch manager inventory tasks.


          Heres the ports used in case the traffic is being blocked


          Server and console components use port 4092 TCP

          Servers communicate with managed computers using the following ports: l 135 TCP l 445 TCP l Dynamic ports 1024 to 65536 (varies by operating system)

          The Patch Manager web console server uses the following ports: l 8787 TCP l 17777 TCP

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              Good thinking! I ran another inventory task and monitored the firewall.  Only traffic I saw was over 8530 from the automation server that should be running the inventory task.  Stepped away for a cup of coffee and it failed again.  Are there any logs that you know of that might give me more of a clue?  Also I deleted the old inventory task and recreated, didn't work.  There are only two WSUS servers that seem to fail.  Hoping there are some logs I can dig into that might provide me with some sort of an idea.  The operation has timed out message isn't going to cut it!  Thanks for your response!!!