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    FTP Voyager Schedule Move Task


      Is there a way i can have a schedule setup to send a file and move the file once sent to a SENT folder. ive used other Clients before where this is possible but im struggling to find an option to do this,


      we have a folder full of files that need to be sent out over FTP, once the files have been sent the files will need to be moved to the SENT folder as a backup.


      many thanks in advanced and hope there is something that can be done

        • Re: FTP Voyager Schedule Move Task

          I had the same question. The current fix I’m using is to move down the file and to use the Synchronize Remote Folders.


          A Move Down action will download files to your computer and then delete them from the server after a successful download.)

          Synchronize Remote Folders (After selecting the remote file/folder and the local file/folder to compare, FTP Scheduler will upload the new/changed file(s) in order for the remote files to match your local computer's files.)


          I hope this helps.