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    How to install *all* of FSM



      How do you properly uninstall the "Firebird Server - Default Instance" and "Firebird Guardian - Default Instance" services?  FSM has already been uninstalled using Windows "Programs and Features"



      I recently uninstalled FSM using the "Programs and Features" uninstall in windows and I notice a few running services hanging around on my server that I'm betting are FSM related: "Firebird Server - Default Instance" and "Firebird Guardian - Default Instance".  There were probably not uninstalled because I believe I didn't choose to uninstall the FSM database.


      I tried looking up how to uninstall them and there appears to be no (or very little) documentation on uninstalling FSM in general, even in the software download(s).  If I look at files in the path of the service executable I see these promising candidate uninstall possibilities

      1. C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\firebird\application.uninstaller.exe <- probably the correct one?

      2. Several files in the C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\firebird\bin directory (fbserver.exe...etc) that may have a built in uninstall feature?

      3. C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\SolarWinds FSMServer\uninstaller\uninstaller.jar


      I didn't want to try blindly ruining executables on a production server without some documentation or user confirmation.  I generally don't' like opening support tickets for something like this without checking with "ya'all" first .