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    LEM reporting question.  Advice needed please.


      So, I have a question about sending reports to a support email address and how to get them to send autonomously.


      So I have a evaluation of LEM and an running it now.  It's reporting and doing all the reporting things it usually does.  At the moment I am not reporting on a lot (log on, log off and any failed log on attempts) the reports are quite small, about 6mb.  I have a scheduled task that runs every Friday at 5am and then will save the output file to a network directory.  I could simply get 1st line to open the directory and view the report, but for me I am thinking it would have been easier to send the report to their support desk for them to check.  I would like to keep the reports for six months for historical reference so that is a supplier wishes to dispute any issues on a server we can then go back to them with this evidence.


      I think I might have to write a powershell script that emails the reports.  But my question is how would I even implement this when the reports are going to be incremented every week? I don't really want to sent the report out myself because that then I might as well run the report my self and check, which if I am being truthful I don't want to do because I'm lazy.


      Any thoughts on anyone having experience on this would be appreciated.