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    Create report based on NCM commands




      We like to have a report that present the interface per vlan.

      By default if we monitor all the interface we can have this information... but that is not realistic due to licence and due to machines ressources.


      With NCM we can execute script to have the information show vlan or even show vlan id xx.


      In the previous version of the product we can have the output of this within one file, however with this new version we have to open for each switch the command output.


      Can you advise on this ?



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          Have you investigated the VLAN reports in NPM/NCM?


          If these don't do the job you need, you might consider creating a custom report based on the output of running a "show int status" and tweaking it to include the VLAN column's output.



          On the other hand, and I wish this to be taken as a positive bit of advice, not as criticism, Management needs to understand that doing the job correctly involves managing and monitoring every port, which means allocating enough budget for the correct licensing and number of pollers.



          If you're not monitoring every port, you may be forcing the users to be your monitoring system.  If you have speed/duplex/CRC/Discard errors on a port that's not being monitored, everything using that port will have multiple retransmits and slow performance.  If that port just goes to one PC, you've got one user whose life you could improve.  If the port is an uplink between Access and Distribution switches, or between Distribution and Core, or between a server and its Server Access switches, there are a great many people who are impacted.  Try to help your Management team understand the importance of getting the right licensing and poller count--one that's appropriate to 100% of your current environment, and that has some room for normal network growth and for new projects.

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              Is it possible to quickly output the results of any script into one text file, as you could in the previous version?

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                  That depends on what you mean.


                  Yes, you can run a script against single or multiple devices managed by NCM.  It happens sequentially, per your settings for the amount of devices that can be accessed at once.  If you allow NCM to work with ten devices at once, and you choose to run your script against 1000 nodes, it will handle them in sequence, ten at a time, until the job is complete.


                  Yes, the output of that script shows up as a text output.


                  No, the output of your text file does not show up as one text file.  It shows up as separate output for every device against which you ran the command.  This is a drawback for me.


                  Earlier versions of NCM (7.3 and earlier) displayed all the output from commands run against multiple nodes in one screen, through which I could scroll.  It worked when run from the actual NCM application on the NCM server, rather than through the web GUI.  At 7.4 and higher this functionality has been deprecated in favor of using the GUI, and I greatly miss that functionality.


                  If there is a way to get the output all on one line, I'm interested in learning it.  Hint, hint, all you NCM scripting Thwacksters!