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    No data on Summary (Receiving invalid v9 template from Cisco ASA) - Last valid data according to NTA was 2.2.2016


      Hello all,

      I have inherited Solarwinds NPM, and NTA that apparently stopped working correctly on the above date. They devices show green and I can see the interfaces and traffic. The summary page shows no data for Top Conversations, Top 10 Applications etc. Top 10 Netflo by % says they aren't available because Netflow and CBQoS data are not available. I have followed several documents regarding steps to try and Perfmon confirms I get traffic although it have a fair amount of Packet dropped: unmanaged node but it doesn't change (go up). I see that I get Netflow V9 packets received.


      Wireshark confirms the port, and NetFlow source. I have Enable automatic addition of NetFlow sources and unmanaged interfaces, matching nodes by another IP...basically everything in Netflow Management checked.The configs seem to be correct.


      Any thoughts or ideas, or questions are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.