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    Deleted updates keep returning in Patch Manager


      I have recently taken over maintenance of our Patch Manager operation from a previous employee who left our organization.  During the course of approving, declining, or deleting updates I have noticed that many I have declined/deleted seem to keep popping back up and returning to the list, this forcing me to repeat the process.  Over the last month, however, I have now noticed that it appears ALL updates I have declined/deleted in the last 30 or so days keep coming back the very next day after I removed them, all showing as having the Arrival Date as the day I deleted them.


      How is this possible and why is it happening?  I am growing more and more frustrated with the time I have to waste re-declining/re-deleting all of these (several thousand) only to see that my work was useless the next day.


      I am running Patch Manager version currently and know I should probably update to 2.1.3 but haven't attempted yet.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!