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    USER for Custom Resource Metric Configuration?


      hi DPA mates,

      we're using DPA to monitor MS SQL Server, and i am trying to define a custom metric using a query, however its asking for a password.

      tried an admin password and even a repository owner with admin roles, but it still asked for a password for a user that I don't know of..

      any idea what user or it's role will be?

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          Custom metrics can be locked by a password that isn't any of the above and also isn't tied to a set role. When you install by default on the settings administration tab you would have seen this item. You can see here that there is a file in this path DPA_INSTALL_DIR/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/iwc/security the password is set here in the authorization file and is encrypted after the service is restarted. You need to know what this was set to or have access to reset it.


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