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    WHD 12.4.2 - Email Autocomplete & LDAP  SSL


      I recently updated to 12.4.2 - Build #  I am seeing the following issues.  We use IE 11.


      1.  When I create a new ticket and I enter an email address in the CC: or BCC: field, I am no longer able to start typing the first couple letters of an email address and have it autocomplete.  Our techs have to type the full email address each time.


      2.  Under AD/LDAP connections, LDAP SSL stopped working.  I could not log into WHD after upgrading to WHD 12.4.2.  I had to turn off SSL to be able to login.  The error I am getting is "invalid credentials", though the only change I made was upgrading to 12.4.2.  I have tried re-entering the credentials, etc.  I opened a support call (1033399) and the engineer called a couple times but then disappeared.


      Was hoping the forum might have some answers?