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    Node Availability Report less than 95% on Yestesday.


      Hi everyone.

      I am trying to create a custom report to give me a list of sites with availability less than 95% in yesterday I have selected node name, IP address and availability under fields. The challenge comes when I try to filter fields specifying records that contain only records where availability is less than 95. The result however comes out showing a lot of sites that are not in this category and every site is listed with availability of 0.00%.


      SELECT  TOP 10000 Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0) AS SummaryDate,

      1. Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,
      2. Nodes.IP_Address AS IP_Address,
      3. Nodes.Region AS Region,
      4. Nodes.Branch_Type AS Branch_Type,

      AVG(ResponseTime.Availability) AS AVERAGE_of_Availability



      Nodes INNER JOIN ResponseTime ON (Nodes.NodeID = ResponseTime.NodeID)




      ( DateTime BETWEEN 42643 AND 42644 )



        (Nodes.Branch_Type = 'My City') OR

        (Nodes.Branch_Type = 'My State')




      GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0),

      1. Nodes.Caption, Nodes.IP_Address, Nodes.Region, Nodes.Branch_Type



      ORDER BY SummaryDate ASC, 6 ASC



      Where Nodes custom property   named “Branch_Type” fill with 'My City' and 'My State' are required nodes.


      Shell be very thankful,