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    NPM/APM are one of the best!

    Network Netra

      I have used Solarwinds products extensively in my previous job, especially NPM and APM. Before (wo)man started emigrating into cloud, there used to be huge areas dedicated for physical hardware such as Servers. They often used to crash when the ran out of memory. While we hosted 100s of websites for our clients in Healthcare and Insurance industry accessed by millions of users 24X7, we needed a tool that can monitor not only up/down status, but also every little critical and mundane aspect of it (to be proactive). I did a lot of research and testing with tools like watchour, whatsup, and nagios before choosing Solarwinds Orion NPM and the team (which consisted of 10 design engineers and 12 production support engineers) never had to look back. We went on to deploy other products such as APM and Bandwidth Analyzer, Gauges, and of course other free tools. We used NPM to monitor servers, network devices, power supply, CPU, memory, alerting, interface status, uptime report generation etc. I am glad to have been a customer of Solarwinds.