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    Cisco Deprecated OID

    Andre Thompson

      Hi Everyone


      I have a real problem here.

      I have a Cisco 6506E Core switch running IOS  15.1(1)SY1


      I have been having problems adding it to the NCM 7.4


      On raising a case with Solarwinds and Cisco, Solarwinds tells me they are using OID

      for identifying trunk ports and Cisco is telling me that OID is deprecated

      and I have to use OID: from now on.


      When I tell Solarwinds support they tell me they have to include this in their next release and it going to the developers.


      Is there a work around or am I really the first person on the planet trying to monitor a Cisco Core switch with the latest IOS using Solarwinds?


      Thanks for any help and advice.



      Andre Thompson