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    Creating Group With Dynamic Query.....  I'm Stuck


      I have been using dynamic queries to create groups for our network equipment.  For the most part the dynamic queries like the following have been working well,

      10.XX.XX.24[1-9].   Lately, I have had some vendors visiting our remote locations to perform demos.  The equipment they are bringing in with them and putting on the network is getting picked up by the query...   While the demo is in progress we are tracking that equipment in SolarWinds (just for proof of concept)  but everythime the equipment is turned off or disconnected the group goes into a warning state.  I would like to exclude their equipment from the network equipment group.  I have tried adding another dynamic query like


      Machine Type   is not   Windows*

      Machine Type   is not   Windows_?

      Machine Type   is not   Windows%

      Machine Type   is not   %Windows%


      In each case above the query did not work.  The only query that works is if I specify the entire Machine type, for instance Machine Type  is not  Windows 7 Workstation   I was hoping to match on 'Windows'  so I could cover Windows 7,  Windows 10 or any Windows server they put in for the demo.


      Any thought or advice will be greatly appreciated...