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    Crystal Reports with LEM Database


      Install full version of Crystal Reports and I am unable to connect to the LEM Oracle Database to customize reports.


      This seems like something that someone has successfully done.


      Unsuccessful attempts with tech support.



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          nicole pauls

          You'll definitely need to start with some of the tidbits in this KB: Create LEM Custom Reports Using Crystal Reports - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support. There's some bits and pieces needed to even connect to the LEM database, and that KB tells you what to copy where (and what to modify in CRConfig.xml).

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              With Solarwinds tech support for 6 hours two different days


              We used these tidbits with no success.


              It is my impression that the database used is an oracle express database. If so than any odbc connection for oracle should work.


              Because of the difficult I think this is by design.


              The product would be more useful and you want get more sells of the product if the database was open or standard oracle with standard oracle access connectors.


              The last tech support call the supervisor stated they would have to send the CRConfig.xml to lab for review.


              No disrespect to you Nicole, but have you been able to connect to the Solarwinds LEM database is a full version of Crystal Reports?


              I have tried everything I could read, research and find on this subject and after 4 days I have no answer.


              I will not give up, but I do not know where to look next.

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                  nicole pauls

                  It has historically been difficult to do, and every new version of Crystal Reports slightly changes the way that you access the database. When I was working with LEM, we had got it working with several customers/partners and internally in development/QA, but I can't say it was always smooth.


                  The database that backs LEM is not Oracle-based. Essentially it is a proprietary backend (built on index-based technology, not a relational database) that has an interface provided for Crystal Reports (since Crystal is designed to work against relational databases). This is a big part of what makes it more complicated. This approach allows LEM to store a lot more data at faster event generation rates than a traditional relational database.


                  Often what customers wanted to accomplish with Custom Reports could be accomplished another way - like filtering existing reports - but when it comes to things like adding/removing columns or adding different graphs, you would need to edit the actual reports.


                  There are a few feature requests related to reporting - the big one to vote on is here: Streamline Reporting.

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                Never had success using Crystal Reports.. Even I stopped thinking about that...  As you said no proper support as well, Managing Some how with Ndepth and LEM Reports.

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                  I found the answer to my issue.


                  This method will work.


                  Launch your Crystal Reports and then open the Crystal Report Template located in the Solarwinds  LEM Reports custom file folder.


                  Make any changes or create a new report then save the report back into the Solarwinds LEM Report custom file folder.


                  Launch the SolarWinds Report program and go to the custom report section. Select your custom report and run it.


                  It works every time. You can move existing reports into the custom section and use Crystal Reports to modify them and save them back to the custom section.


                  This method will use the database access supported and provided by the Solarwinds Report program and the customize or new reports created by you using Crystal Reports. This solution does not provide all the functions of Crystal Reports, but it does provide an easy way to create or modify existing reports.



                  You will not be able to add or view any database fields or tables when creating or modifying reports because you can not access the database using Crystal Reports.

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