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    Merging Tickets


      I understand how the merge ticket works but to me there is a fault with it. Follow along please:


      1. I have ticket 'A' that I am working on and it is assigned to me.

      2. Ticket 'B' comes in with the same issue from another user.


      I decide to merge ticket 'B' with 'A'.


      The process completes and closes ticket B.


      There lies the issue. Ticket 'B' closes but does not get assigned to a Tech.


      I have tried writing a Process to assign a tech with no luck. So far all I could get was a Process that sends an email when a ticket is closed without a tech.


      Why is it a big deal? How many of you have searched for closed tickets with no tech assigned?


      Is there someplace to set the ticket to not close unless a tech is assigned?




      Thank you

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          Yes, Merging essentially means that one ticket 'wins' and the other(s) get closed.


          A better scenario for this situation  (user1 puts in a ticket, then user2 puts in a ticket for the same issue) is to change the Ticket Type of the User1 ticket to Problem.    Then when you open User2's ticket (or tickets User 3/4/5, etc...) about the same issue, make those tickets have a Ticket Type of Incident.   Once you make a ticket an Incident you can search (on the sideways tab on the upper right) for the first (Problem) ticket and LINK them.



          • USER1  submits ticket 23 about a file server being down.
          • USER2 submits ticket 27 about the same file server issue.
          • USER3 submits ticket 29 about the same file server issue.
          • Tech marks ticket 23 as Problem.
          • Tech marks ticket 27 as Incident and links it to Problem ticket 23.    Tech does the same for ticket 29.


          Now, when the Tech puts a Note in ticket 23, the note will cascade down to tickets 27 and 29 as well.

          When the Tech closes ticket 23, it will close tickets 27 and 29 as well.

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              Well, it almost worked. It works as long as no Tech also assigns them self to say ticket 29.


              When you merge ticket 29 it closes the ticket with no tech.


              I would still like to know why we cannot make the Tech field required but I can make a custom field that is required though....?


              This is simple web page design 101.

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              Another option would be to use a Bulk Action to assign it to yourself before merging.