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    Alert trigger where the value is evaluated against a custom property?




      I have been struggling to find an answer to this and am hoping someone might be able to help.   Within NPM I would like to create an alert that has a trigger evaluated against a custom property.   For example I have an alert built for a temperature sensor that looks something like this: "Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Value - is greater than - 80".  This works perfectly and triggers/resets the alert as appropriate when the temp gets higher/lower than 80.


      Instead of coding in a specific value for the alert trigger I would like to reference a custom property.   I have tried both of these formats without success:

      "Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Value - is greater than - ${TemperatureAlertWarningThreshold}"

      "Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Value - is greater than - ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.TemperatureAlertWarningThreshold}


      In either of the above two examples the alert immediately triggers as soon as I have saved it, regardless of what the current temp of the device is and what the custom property is set to.


      Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.   My goal is to be able to be able to specify a custom warning/critical threshold for each device, without having to build separate alert rules for each one.   I was hoping using custom properties would allow me to specify these values on a per device bases while using only a single alert rule.