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    NCM Compliance Remediation


      I am having trouble getting a compliance remediation to complete. I am trying to change a VLAN, based on a match on a current VLAN. What I need is expressed in the answer to this thread Create Config Change Script based on vlan membership

      The problem is that after my policy finds the interfaces, remediation gives me a syntax error. I see what the error is, but I dont know how to fix it. I could be performing this entire process wrong as this is my first time trying Compliance manager.


      1. Made a rule based off of the previous article


      2. Tested Int 0/1 - /04 are no listed, but they are the ones that should match, the ones listed say "no matches"


      3. Make a Policy. Added the Rule and set the Node to only my test switch.

      4. Create a Report. My test policy is applied

      5. Run Policy and get results.


      6. Execute Remediation. Here is where the failure happens

      I get that it doesnt like the ${ConfigBlockStartLine}, but what else can I do to only change the specific interfaces that are triggered? Any help is much appreciated.