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    Active Alert Manager Alternatives


      We are growing our solarwinds world and are trying to transistion our previous monitoring platform (nagios and check_mk) into it.  However, we are also bringing other groups on campus into solarwinds and I've been able to use information I learned on thwack to create them their own sections by using the basic limitations that solarwinds supports.


      I have had success with that, what is giving me problems is that the central site operators are using the builtin alerts.aspx page for the management of active alerts and they are seeing all the alerts, which is getting more and more difficult as more alerts are being added.


      I've seen others mentioning using alternatives to the active alert manager 'alerts.aspx' and was wondering if anybody was using Drupal or Ruby Rails for active alert management.  The campus already uses 'bmc footprints' so servicenow is not an option.