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    Inform group of users with open ticketes


      Dear all,


      Because of some unexpected circumstances we are faced with a huge backlog of service tickets.


      We will work our way through, but the key in a situation like this is to communicate with the users (even if it is not so good news).


      We have so many tickets open that it is simply not practical to email each user individuality ticket-by-tickete. I was wondering if this could be organized by WebHelpDesk in some sort of way. For example, to send an email template to all tickets which meet the following criteria:


      • Assigned to a specific Tech Group
      • Status open or pending


      At this point in time it is not an option to send an email to all members of staff (almost 1,000) to explain that there will be substantial delays in processing service tickets because of the high workload. To  bypass this issue I would at least like to contact the users who have tickets open.


      Any help is appreciated.




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          You should be able to do this by doing a 'bulk action' to the tickets.


          To do so, go to Tickets -> Search Tickets -> Advanced Search and craft your query.   In the screenshot below, mine is looking for:

          • Tech Group     is       IT Desktop Support


          • Status     is     Open
          • Status     is     Pending


          Hit Search.   That will return results down below, then you want to SHIFT-CLICK the little checkbox above all the other checkboxes.   This will select all results on all pages because of the Shift-Click (as opposed to just a regular click).


          Now that you've selected all the targeted tickets, click the   +     at the bottom next to "Bulk Action:

          2016-09-30 10_38_11-webhelpdesk.demo.solarwinds.com_helpdesk_WebObjects_Helpdesk.woa_wa_TicketAction.png


          That will give you a dialog where you can select something to do to all those tickets at once.   So, you can put in a Note:

          2016-09-30 10_46_16-Web Help Desk - Bulk Action Details.png


          and make sure that the boxes to notify Client users is checked at the bottom.   This is how i have mine set:

          • Under E-Mail Recipients, I clicked "Change to:" and checked the "Client" box
          • Under Bulk Action E-Mail, i clicked "Override Ticket e-mail settings" and checked the "Client" box.

          (I'm not honestly sure if both of those are needed, but that is how i had it set and it worked) 

          2016-09-30 11_07_15-Web Help Desk - Bulk Action Details.png


          Now, when you hit Apply at the bottom, it should send an email update with that Note to all the Client users for those selected tickets.

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