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    NPM V12 -Web Console Settings - Site Login Text


      Greetings, this one is running me crazy.  I am ready to punch it in the face.


      For years I have used "Site Login Text" to place an image and center it below the login box using HTML tags.  It seems as of V12 there is now some logic check built into that setting and while I can place an image, every attempt (save one) to center it is stripped out of my code when I hit submit.  The only exception is if I use some simple CSS to center the image (which works) but then my CSS code gets printed to the page.


      I am no web coding expert so I assume I am violating some HTML rules (maybe my old code does not work with HTML5 and gets stripped due to that) but in any case has anyone been able to place an image and center it since V12?  If you did can you share your snippet of code with me?