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    Add columns to Resource


      I'm new to solarwinds, so I apologize if this is an easy question, but I didn't find anything googling. I'm looking at the Network Top 10 dashboard under the "TOP XX Interfaces by Percent Utilization". Currently it has the columns: Node, Interface, Receive, and Transmit. My leadership has asked that I add a column for Interface Bandwidth onto this resource. When I click edit, it takes me to a page that lets me input a Title, Subtitle, Maximum Number of Interfaces, and Filter Interfaces. There is no where that I see to add columns. When i couldn't figure that out, I decide I'd just make a new resource and replace that one, but I couldn't find where to do that either. Maybe I'm missing a permission?


      So my questions are:

      Where can I edit an existing resource?

      Where can I add a new custom resource?


      Any help is appreciated.