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    Cisco NTP and Solarwinds


      Greetings All!


      I can see that NTP has been a somewhat often discussed scenario here in Thwack and I wanted to ask my own question and attempt to consolidate the links.


      After a bit of googling, I was able to find a few different Thwack questions.

      Check that the Clock of a switch match's NTP source?

      Compliance report/regex question - ntp configuration not being recognized

      Server to NTP Server connection


      Our environment has a large spectrum of devices (even including some dreaded old 6500's running Catalyst to be soon phased out), but mainly Cisco 3750X's 3850's, 2900's, 3900's, 4510's, various VG's, and also the ISR 4k series.  In a perfect world, Solarwinds would integrate NTP synchronization and verification within hardware health, but until that dream day comes, has anyone been successful with a full on Solarwinds monitoring solution for NTP?

      Have you been successful with using a single UNDP poller with a single OID?  Are you implementing multiple pollers depending upon the model?  Has it maintained functionality through the different IOS versions?


      I know I can look up the OID's myself using Cisco IOS MIB Locator, but I'd rather reach out to the community first and see if anyone has this already built and some experience in regards to it.  It has been quite frustrating to see device's have out of sync clocks when you're troubleshooting something, and to determine which to resolve first.


      Another option as mentioned in the above links is to develop a compliance report to verify it has the configuration, and setup a remediation if missing, however that does not provide any verification that it is indeed synchronized. Due to that, I am leaning against using a compliance report and would prefer it to be polled.

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          OID (ntpSnmpMIB) within MIB2 contains a number of leafs that your systems may support if queried by UnDPs. Check in there to see if anything will provide the information you need.


          As for the "Server to SNMP Server Connection," I assume you are referring to the Orion server's connection to the time server. I use UnDPs to poll my time servers for stratum and clock source. My UnDPs use the proprietary MIB for the time servers. You will need to search for the MIB provided by your time server vendor.


          Good Luck.