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    Configuring SSO for LEM


      I am attempting to configure AD integration for LEM (6.3.1) and for the life of me, I cannot get it to function correctly.  I contacted tech support and they sent me this article.  When I get to the section on adding an LDAP connector, I receive the error below.



      My first thought was permissions/password issues, but the new user is part of the domain admins group and if I mistype the password, the error changes.  I can also log into the DC using the credentials I am putting into the machine.


      My next thought was it could be my Kerberos ticket command which is below (modified for the internet of course).

      ktpass -princ HTTP/username@domain -pass <working password> -mapuser Domain\username -pType KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -crypto ALL -out c:\Temp\lem.keytab


      When I hit enter the ouput is below



      There is one step in the article that does not have any context or instructions, but could be the issue.  At the end of the Kerberos section "8. Upload the keytab file into the LEM to allow the LEM access to Active Directory"  There are no other instructions other than this, so I have no idea where it needs to go.


      I am positive I am making a stupid mistake, but I am not familiar enough with the product to identify what exactly is wrong.  Does anyone have any ideas?