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    SWQL connection changed between ForecastCapacity and Nodes.CustomProperties?


      Hopefully someone here will have a sense of what might have changed here.


      Previously, I had reports set up with the "Top Capacity Problems" resource utilizing those nice colored charts to send to different teams to let them know their predicted volume run outs.


      Similar to other resources, you simply have a filter line that you can use to filter out different objects that you do not want to appear.


      I can still filter on ForecastCapacity columns and Nodes columns, but the one thing I am no longer able to do (I think since the upgrade to 6.2.4) is utilize the Nodes Custom Properties as column values that can be filtered.


      It used to be that from this resource, you could simply add Nodes.CustomProperties.Department='<value>' but now no formatting appear to work to connect the resource to the Nodes Custom Properties.  SW Support was not able to determine the formatting.


      Has the formatting changed?  Has the connection in SWQL somehow been broken on this resource over to Nodes.CustomProperties?


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance!

      - Matt