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    Solarwinds excellent tool for Virtualization Monitoring


      Hi, I work for a telcom company in Honduras with over 2000 elements on our network. We use solarwinds orion for monitoring network, server and storage elements. We have being using it for 3+ years now. We started to use it just for the network elements but then there were some big issues with our virtual infrastructure. We tested vCOPs solution from VMware but it was a bit to expensive. So we took a shot at and start monitoring our VMware virtual infrastructure. Just with a few days of collecting data, we notice that there we capacity issues. Things like High CPU workloads and some CPU and disk contentions. Well it was amazing how much detail information Solarwinds gave us. So we start resolving the issues and also drilldown the root causes.


      Now we monitor 3 datacenter with over 1200+ VMs and have setup reports from the capacity point of view. It truly an easy to use gui interface and with little knowledge of the product you can understand the information it gives right out-of-the-box. Also with the integration of other elements (network and storage) we have all the picture in a sigle pane of glass. I work for the capacity and planning team so my focus is on maitaning the performance and capacity of the infrastructure. Sure its a great tool for troubleshooting.


      So if you are trying to have a feature rich set of capabilities to monitor, troubleshoot and capacity planning for your virtualization environment, take a look at Solarwinds, you will be amaze of what it can offer.


      See you later...