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    LEM only backs up to the Administrative share



      After upgrading to LEM v6.3.1 I had to do a work around to schedule weekly backs. I interested in know if anyone else had the following issue.


      When attempting backups to a shared folder name longer that \\A.B.C.D\c$, I receive an error of “An error occurred attempting to copy a file to \\A.B.C.D\c$. Please reenter the network share credentials.”

      Has anyone else experienced this?  Right now, I can only backup LEM to the c:\ drive.  This is not a great option since I manually move the backup to a different folder.  



      Previously I was able to successfully schedule and backup LEM to a UNC past the shared name and drive (e.g. \\W.X.Y.Z\c$\backups\LEM).