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    Cardinal Health - Enterprise Monitoring Engineer - FTE (x3)


      The moment you've all been waiting for has come!  Cardinal Health, a Fortune 25 healthcare supply manufacturing and distribution company, is looking for 3 (that's right three!) Enterprise Monitoring Engineers.  What does that mean?  It means that you have a chance to join a growing monitoring team that uses an assortment of tools, but primarily SolarWinds (NPM, SAM, SRM, VMAN, NTA, etc.) and IBM Netcool Impact and Omnibus for event management.


      We spend a lot of our time doing application monitoring, but virtualization and storage are becoming pivotal pieces in everything we do.


      Resources should be based within commuting distance Dublin, OH (preferred) or Waukegan, IL.  Exemplary candidates with a proven track record of success as remote workers may be considered outside of those locations.


      And the best part?  (OK, I think it is the best part!)  You get to work alongside me as we build new and exciting monitoring strategies for cloud, web performance, business services and, if you have a penchant for data, data analytics via Splunk.


      PS:  Even though the job posting says you need a CompSci degree, I am more in favour of proving what you can do by what you have done.  If it is a degree that proves what you have done, that works, but I am firmly in the 'equivalent experience' camp.  Experience, certifications, and general awesomeness are highly valued by the interview team.  (Did I mention that I am on the interview team? )


      Apply here!


      Here are the critical details from the job posting.


      The ESM (Enterprise System Management) team is responsible for a range of applications that support the enterprise.  These applications range from monitoring and alerting, data analytics, and of course job scheduling.


      The applications that we support are: Automic, Solarwinds, IBM Netcool, Splunk, BMC Truesight, MIR3 Intelligent Notification, and IBM ILMT.  Our team consists of 8 people which are mainly located at the Cardinal Health HQ in Columbus, but we also have some engineers that are located remotely.


      Role Overview

      • Maintain and troubleshoot a large Solarwinds environment for general performance or configuration issues.  Including poller health, website performance, and DB performance
      • Complete requests from infrastructure and application teams for specific monitoring setup and changes, including alert suppression
      • Close incidents related to monitoring issues or research around why an alert did or did not trigger
      • Rotating on-call for major outage where alerting may need suppressed or quickly created to address a short term gap
      • Support of other ESM tools such as IBM Netcool, MIR3 Intelligent Notification, and IBM ILMT as needed.

      Required Skills and Experience

      • Experience with Solarwinds (specifically NPM, SAM, SRM, NTA, and VMAN modules) OR experience with Nagios, Zenoss, or WhatsUpGold
      • 2+ years of experience in enterprise monitoring and alerting
      • Proficiency in SQL queries to facilitate report generation and large data mining tasks
      • Proficiency in scripting with Perl and/or PowerShell
      • Knowledge of Windows or Linux.
      • Solid understanding of networking concepts
      • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related degree or equivalent work experience
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of peers, managers, and subject matter experts